Zaostrog, Croatia - holiday information

Zaostrog, riviera Makarska, Croatia – visitor information

Zaostrog is a small tourist destination with magnificent gravely beaches as well as catering and other tourist facilities. The centre of this settlement is beautified by more than half of century old Franciscan convent of St. Mary with its high bell tower. The visitors can visit the convent museum, ethnological collection, a gallery and a library with over 30 000 titles which are mostly from the older Croatian literature.

Zaostrog – basic information

Zaostrog – population: 250, Zaostrog - day/ saint: saint : Gospa od anđela, 02.08.

Distance from bigger centres

Zaostrog - Makarska. 34km, Zaostrog- Split: 94km, Zaostrog - Pula: 593km, Zaostrog - Rijeka: 497km, Zaostrog - Zadar: 240km, Zaostrog - Šibenik: 172km, Zaostrog - Dubrovnik: 145km, Zaostrog - Zagreb: 489km

Possibility of accomodation

private accomodation, apartments, rooms, hotels, family hotels, hostels, pensions, camps


pebble, stone, concreted

Facilities and authorities

emergency, self-service shops, bakery, post office, exchange office, internet caffe, farmacy, souvenir shops, market

Sport's and recreative offer

football field, mini-football field, basketball court, tennis court, water scooters, water sports, walking, jogging tracks

Gastronomic offer

restaurants, pizzerias, fast food restorants, saloons

Night life

night club

Additional offer

croatian natural reservation nearby, promenade along the sea, organisation of fishermen's nights, organisation of folk entertainments

Zaostrog – why choose this destination

clean sea, beautiful beaches, pine wood by the beach, peace and silence in the place with no big crowd, possibility for training preparations of sportsmen, special programmes for children and youth holidays, possibility for departures on interesting trips, possibility for sailing around islands, possibility for pilgrimage trip

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